safe1 W2S2 [seıf] adj comparative safer superlative safest
1¦(not causing harm)¦
2¦(not in danger)¦
3 safe place
4 safe journey/arrival/return etc
5¦(no risk)¦
7 to be on the safe side
8 be in safe hands
9 better (to be) safe than sorry
10 safe in the knowledge that...
11 a safe pair of hands
12 safe!
13¦(no problem)¦
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: sauf, from Latin salvus 'safe, healthy']
not likely to cause any physical injury or harm
≠ ↑dangerous
Don't go near the edge - it isn't safe.
Flying is one of the safest forms of travel.
a safe working environment
it is safe (for sb) to do sth
Is it safe to swim here?
safe to use/drink/eat etc
The water is treated to make it safe to drink.
safe for
play-areas that are safe for children
(at/from) a safe distance
We watched from a safe distance.
Drivers should keep a safe distance from the car in front.
safe driver
Women are safer drivers than men.
2.) ¦(NOT IN DANGER)¦ [not before noun]
not in danger of being lost, harmed, or stolen
≠ ↑unsafe
She doesn't feel safe in the house on her own.
safe from
The birds' nests are high up, safe from predators.
Make sure you keep these documents safe .
safe and sound/well
(=unharmed, especially after being in danger)
The missing children were found safe and sound.
3.) safe place
a place where something is not likely to be stolen or lost
keep/put sth in a safe place
Keep your credit cards in a safe place.
4.) safe journey/arrival/return etc
a journey etc when someone or something is not harmed or lost
His family celebrated his safe return home.
safe journey
BrE (=said to someone when they start a long journey)
Dad rang to wish me a safe journey.
5.) ¦(NO RISK)¦
not involving any risk and very likely to be successful
a safe investment
a safe method of contraception
it's safe to say/assume (that)
I think it's safe to say that the future is looking pretty good.
be (as) safe as houses
BrE (=be completely safe)
6.) ¦(SUBJECT)¦
a safe subject of conversation is not likely to upset anyone or make people argue
I kept to safe subjects, like the weather.
7.) to be on the safe side
spoken to do something in order to be certain to avoid an unpleasant situation
I'd take an umbrella, just to be on the safe side.
8.) be in safe hands
to be with someone who will look after you very well
Everyone wants to feel that their children are in safe hands.
9.) better (to be) safe than sorry
spoken used to say that it is better to be careful, even if this takes time, effort etc, than take a risk that may have a bad result
Set the alarm clock - better safe than sorry!
10.) safe in the knowledge that...
completely certain that something is true or will happen
She went out, safe in the knowledge that no one else was awake.
11.) a safe pair of hands
someone you can trust to do a difficult job without making mistakes
12.) safe!
BrE spoken informal used by young people to show approval of something
'Alex is having a party.' 'Oh, safe!'
13.) ¦(NO PROBLEM)¦
BrE spoken informal used to say that something is good and that there is no problem
'How's your new boss?' 'She's safe.'
play it safe atplay1 (9), it's a safe bet (that) atbet2 (4), safe seat atseat1 (2), sb's secret is safe (with sb) atsecret2 (1)
safe 2
safe2 n
a strong metal box or cupboard with special locks where you keep money and valuable things

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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